Consultation on proposed amendments to the General Rules


What this is about

After the first year of operation of the AICIS, a number of minor operational issues have been identified which require amendments to the details set out in these Ministerial Rules. These issues have been identified both by the regulated industry and by staff within the Office of Chemical Safety (OCS) implementing the scheme.

We are proposing targeted amendments to the Industrial Chemicals (General Rules) 2019 and the Industrial Chemicals (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Rules 2019 to clarify the operation of the Ministerial Rules within existing policy. The proposed amendments relate to the following matters:

clarifying criteria for industrial chemicals introduced at the nanoscale

declarations about data ownership

annual declarations

clarifying record-keeping for listed introductions, specified classes, designated releases to the environment, internationally-assessed

the authorisation process for movement of industrial chemicals into or out of Australia that are subject to the Rotterdam Convention

transitional provisions.

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~sAustralian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme, 27 August 2021