Consultation Paper 5: Main paper

The National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) has published the final paper seeking stakeholder feedback on matters to be included in delegated legislation. Issues discussed are mainly technical matters related to the categorisation and assessment of unlisted chemical introductions (the introduction of industrial chemicals that are not included on the national inventory). A copy of the paper is available at: Consultation Paper 5: Main paper. In addition, NICNAS has also published supporting material. This companion document to CP5 primarily contains material to be included in the primary guidance document, the Characterisation Guide. This includes guidance on the hazard information that will be sufficient for categorisation, and is being provided to give a sense of how the framework will work. Public workshops are being held in June in Sydney and Melbourne – registration is required. Further information is available on the NICNAS website.

NICNAS, 1 June 2017 ; ;