COVID19 Alcohol-based hand sanitiser connect: meeting urgent product demand


Accord’s new COVID-19 Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitiser Connect is an efficient solution developed in collaboration with the federal Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, Consumer Health Products Australia and the Australian Distillers Association to assist the considerable supply and demand needs relating to alcohol-based hand sanitiser products during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative endeavours to match suppliers of alcohol-based hand sanitiser product with hand sanitiser product requests received. When Accord receives a request in relation to hand sanitiser from any source, we will circulate this to our database of hand sanitiser manufacturers/suppliers with information on: • the nature of the request • name and relevant contact details • any other available specifics that may be useful in identifying a company that can assist e.g. size of pack preferred, volume/number of packs being sought, type of sanitiser required (e.g. hospital, aged care, food handling, janitorial, child care, other industrial use), geographical location if relevant etc. It will then be up to recipients to follow up on the request directly when/if they are able to assist and to make any further arrangements to fulfil requests. This process does not confer any preference to any particular businesses nor products, nor offer any guarantees of product supply nor quality. For more information contact

Accord Australasia Limited, 13 May 2020
; October 2019