CSB Adopts Order on Worker Participation in Investigations

The United States Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) has adopted an order concerning workers’ participation in its investigations. The five-page order says investigators-in-charge of any given investigation are to “offer a reasonable number of workers and/or their representatives the opportunity to participate in investigative activities, including, but not limited to:”

  • Investigation open meetings, status update meetings, and closing meetings;
  • Site walk-throughs and on-scene investigation activities;
  • Equipment, material, and sample evidentiary testing;
  • Document requests;
  • Review of draft written reports and recommendations.

The order says if employees are represented by a union, investigation representatives are chosen by the union, and local unions may select a national union staff member or a safety consultant to represent them in one or most aspects of an investigation, in addition to local union participation. If multiple unions represent workers at the site, CSB will invite all unions with employees determined to be relevant to the investigation and any related health or safety issue at the facility to participate in the investigation. For non-union employees, there may be a health and safety committee with employee members who’ve been selected by the employees. One of those members should be engaged in the investigation, the order says.

Occupational Health & Safety News, 30 October 2018 ; http://www.ohsonline.com