CTPA Emergency Response. For exchange of hand hygiene and PPE manufacturing/supply needs during the COVID-19 public health emergency


In this time of a national and global health emergency, the purpose of the CTPA Emergency Response Exchange (CERE) is to maximise the domestic production and supply of essential hand hygiene products, including hand sanitisers and gels, handwashes and soaps. We understand that hand cream is also in short supply and is being used to help protect hands during this time of increased washing. In addition, it will investigate the possible supply of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to the National Health Service (NHS), local authorities and other relevant care providers.

For the purposes of this Exchange, these hand hygiene products include hand sanitisers and gels, handwashes and soaps and could be cosmetics or biocides.

CERE performs the following roles:

Matches the needs of manufacturing facilities with the ingredients and/or packaging etc needed to make these items.

Matches companies which have a surplus of necessary supplies with the NHS supply chain.


CERE is a simple three-step process.

STEP 1 – Getting your contact information and needs into CERE

After reading all the steps, please complete and submit it to CERE through the E-form

STEP 2 – Getting your contact information and needs matched with relevant companies

Our CERE team will then:

Match suppliers with manufacturers and inform the manufacturer of potential suppliers and their contact details. This can be suppliers of ingredients or componentry such as packaging.

Match manufacturers with suppliers and inform the suppliers about manufacturers who are looking to buy supplies, along with the contact details.

Understand which companies have goods or PPE to supply or donate to the NHS and facilitate this.

STEP 3 – Making Contact

Companies which have completed Step 2 can then contact the matched companies and make arrangements. CTPA will not be involved with any of these Business-to-Business or Business-to-NHS/carer.

For any technical difficulties, please contact info@ctpa.org.uk, with the email subject as “CERE Technical Help”.

In order to go through with the submission, we will ask you to agree to the following:


By submitting this form, you are consenting to your contact details and information provided being stored, examined and shared with other users of the Exchange to facilitate matching manufacturers, suppliers and the NHS to assess shortages of manufacturing ingredients, components, as well as any other purpose related to the current COVID-19 health emergency.

CTPA will be co-operating with UK Government. Any information shared will be collated and pseudonymised.

CTPA takes your personal privacy very seriously and will ensure that your personal details are used and safeguarded as appropriate under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the purpose of the Emergency Response Exchange project only. CTPA will not share your personal data with any other third parties.

CTPA reserves the right to terminate the Emergency Response Exchange with due notice to all participants once the public health emergency has been resolved or the supply chain has stabilised.

All CTPA activity will be conducted in line with the CTPA Competition Guidelines.

See CTPA Privacy Statement.

Important Notice to Manufacturers of Hand Hygiene Products

It is essential that all hand hygiene products produced fully comply with the relevant legislation depending on whether they are legally classified as cosmetics, biocides or medicines. Please see CTPA’s advice page “Placing Hand Gels or Sanitisers on the UK Market – What You Need to Know” for further information. CTPA members can also find detailed information at the Reference Zone page in the members-only website. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) information on manufacture and supply of biocidal hand sanitiser during the COVID-19 outbreak may also be of use.

The CTPA Emergency Response Exchange is a service provided and funded by CTPA. This platform is intended as a temporary relief measure aimed at resolving urgent shortages in the supply chain of products required for the protection of individuals during the current COVID-19 public health emergency. The platform is open to all participants and will be actively connecting companies with relevant matching submissions. The scope of the exchange is limited to the manufacturing and supply of hand hygiene products, PPE and/or products identified as necessary for public protection or required by the NHS and relevant care providers.

With our thanks to Cosmetics Alliance Canada for the kind permission to use its exchange as a model.

www.ctpa.org.uk, 12 May 2020
; https://www.ctpa.org.uk/cere