Danish executive order on disinfectants updated


A number of changes in the Danish executive order on disinfectants in the food industry have become effective. The changes mainly concern clarification of certain provisions, including:

  • Remedies for udder hygiene is no longer covered by the legislation. Only teat dips and teat sprays are to be approved according to the executive order. This will also imply a few changes in the labelling requirements.
  • Changes in the name of an approved product, or identical products marketed under different names, must be approved. You are not permitted to market non-approved products.
  • Products must contain active substances that are approved or under evaluation. Moreover, suppliers of active substances must be Article 95 compliant (the list of active biocidal substance and product suppliers of the European Biocidal Products Regulation).

Addition of a transitional scheme allowing businesses to market products already approved according to the previous executive order from 2013.

DHI Newsletter, 15 November 2019
; http://www.dhigroup.com