Decision to approve EDN


Decision Date: 05 April 2022

An EPA decision-making committee has approved an application to import or manufacture EDN, a fumigant for timber and logs.

Although the EPA has approved the EDN application, the fumigant cannot be imported or used immediately. Additional WorkSafe rules to protect workers, which are approved in principle, now require ministerial sign-off and gazetting. The EPA decision-making committee will then sign the HSNO approval to take effect at the same time as the WorkSafe rules.

Read about the WorkSafe rules: Safe Work Instruments

EDN is a gas used to kill common pests found in wood. The active ingredient of EDN, ethanedinitrile, has not been previously been assessed by the EPA.

The decision-making committee:

  • approved EDN on the basis that its benefits are significant, and adverse effects are negligible with the appropriate control measures
  • accepted the evidence that EDN is the most viable replacement for methyl bromide for treating timber and logs
  • also acknowledged the concerns of Māori and the wider public regarding the health and environmental effects of EDN.

Read the EDN decision document (PDF, 730KB)

Read the unsigned EDN approval document (PDF, 193KB)

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EPA NZ, 05-04-22