Denmark explores possible flame retardants regulation for children’s articles

DEPA has released a study on chlorinated phosphorous-based flame retardants in children’s articles marketed within the EU. The results are intended to be included in an assessment of the need to prepare a draft EU restriction on these substances. It is noteworthy that toys are not included in the scope of this study, as the content in toys is already regulated by Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC. In several surveys of children’s car seats, TCPP and TCDP have been identified in one third to one half of the tested car seats, while TCEP was identified in a few of the car seats. The substances were also present in a significant portion of the tested baby slings, prams, carrycots and baby strollers, as well as in a few earphones and baby changing mats. The results are to be used for an assessment by the Danish EPA regarding the need to prepare a proposal for regulation of the substances at EU level. Further information is available at: Chlorinated Phosphorous-based Flame Retardants in Children’s Articles Containing Foam

CIRS, 16 June 2016 ; ;