Draft TCSCA revisions approved by Taiwan cabinet

On 9 November 2017, the Executive Yuan, Taiwan’s equivalent of a government cabinet, approved a draft set of revisions to the Toxic Chemical Substance Control Act. It will now be submitted to the Legislative Yuan, Taiwan’s national legislature, for consideration. The name of the Act has been changed to the ‘Toxic and Chemical Substances of Concern Control Act’, following the addition of a new category of ‘chemical substances of concern’ to Class four toxic chemical substances. The Act now contains 72 articles within eight chapters, following the inclusion of new sections on evaluation, prevention, and regulation of chemical substances of concern (Chapter five), the registration and reporting of chemical substances (Chapter six), and auditing, testing, and finance (Chapter seven). A ‘whistle blower’ system has also been incorporated with provisions for witness protection and citizen suits.

Chemtrac, 28 November 2017 ; https://www.chemtracglobal.com/news