EC Releases Proposed New Annex VIII to CLP

Article 45 of Regulation 1272/2008 (Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation) introduced the requirement for EU countries to set up an appointed body for receiving data on the health and physical hazards of chemical products. These appointed bodies, or poison centres will need to store and provide information in emergency medical situations. The Commission, Stakeholders and industry have undergone a period of consultation to harmonise the information to be submitted to the poison centres and establish a uniform standard of communication. Based on this consultation, the European Commission has published a proposed Annex VIII to CLP incorporating the “Harmonised Information Relating to Emergency Health Response”. Safeware Quasar has announced Jan Robinson, Director Product Regulations (CEPE), will be joining the expert panel of speakers at SafeCom 2016 and will be providing an update on the progress of the harmonisation of information for Poison Centres. Visit the SafeCom website to find out more about Jan’s presentation and to discover what else will be on the SafeCom 2016 agenda.

Safeware Quasar, 12 February 2016 ; ;