EFSA deems silver nanoparticles used as FCM additive safe


The EFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes and Processing Aids (CEP) issued an assessment on the safety of the silver nanoparticle additives used in plastics. These silver particles are in the size range of 1-100nm, with about 15nm mean diameter and 99% of the particles are smaller than 20nm. These additives are used as a surface biocide in food contact plastic materials, such as polyolefins, polyesters and styrenics. The experts panel considered information on theory, specific migration and abrasion tests. The data showed that, under the intended and tested conditions of use, silver nanoparticles stay embedded in the polymer, do not migrate and resist release by abrasion. Thus, they do not give rise to exposure via food and to toxicological concern. Therefore, they do not raise safety concern for the consumer if used as an additive at up to 0.025% w/w in polymers.

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~sThe National Law Review, 10 September 2021