ELV Directive Annex II amended

Annex II to the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive 2000/53/EC (ELV) has been amended as per Commission Directive (EU) 2017/2096 of 15 November 2017. ELV prohibits the use of Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Hexavalent chromium in materials and components of vehicles placed on the market after 1 July 2003. Annex II contains a list of all the vehicle materials and components that are exempt from the prohibition. As per Directive (EU) 2017/2096, an assessment of technical and scientific progress has demonstrated that the use of Lead in the applications covered by exemptions:

  • 2(c) remains unavoidable, however current information suggests that Lead substitutes may become available for those material and components in the near future
  • 3 remains unavoidable – possible substitutes exist but have to be developed further
  • 5 remains unavoidable for some applications, however for others, Lead alternatives already exist – consequently, that exemption should be split into two sub-entries

Chemtrac, 28 November 2017 ; https://www.chemtracglobal.com/news