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Customs officers in the Port of Mobile, Alabama, have intercepted more than $120,000 worth of mislabelled and unregistered disinfectant wipes.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) discovered a container of 843 boxes containing 20,016 bottles of the wipes that bore no approved markings from either the FDA or the EPA. The shipment was refused entry.

This is the latest in a wave of enforcement actions against counterfeit or unapproved Covid-19 products. Since the pandemic began, the CBP has seized 20,000 FDA-prohibited Covid-19 test kits and 3,000 EPA-prohibited anti-virus lanyards, among other things.

Chemical Watch, 24 July 2020
; https://chemicalwatch.com/137841/covid-19-deadline-extensions-derogations-and-supply-chain-news