EPA seeks to speed up long-lasting Coronavirus disinfectants


The EPA announced on Wednesday a faster process for approving new products that can keep surfaces clean of the coronavirus for several days and could result in chemical companies getting products onto the market faster.

Products that make claims of long-term effectiveness will move “to the front of the line” for agency review under the draft guidance, Alexandra Dunn, the the Environmental Protection Agency’s assistant administrator for chemical safety and pollution prevention, said during a press call.

The announcement comes as the Trump administration is racing to push ahead new treatments and protections against the virus.

Manufacturers have been coming forward with many types of disinfectants that don’t require constant wiping, Dunn said. The EPA’s new roadmap gives companies guidance on the kinds of scientific data the agency needs so it can process its reviews and possible approvals faster, she said.

The guidance is aimed at two categories of products: supplemental residual antimicrobial products that don’t replace regular cleaning but can nevertheless offer protection for weeks or even years, and residual disinfectants, which take effect within 10 minutes of a virus contacting a surface and remain effective for up to 24 hours.

“As we continue to re-open our schools, workplaces, and other public spaces, it is important Americans have as many tools as possible to slow the spread of Covid-19,” EPA chief Andrew Wheeler said in a statement.

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Bloomberg Law, 15 October 2020
; https://news.bloomberglaw.com/environment-and-energy/epa-seeks-to-speed-up-long-lasting-coronavirus-disinfectants