EPA to consider EDN, a methyl bromide alternative


Draslovka, a Czech-based firm, has applied for approval to import ethanedinitrile (EDN) into New Zealand as an alternative to the fumigant methyl bromide which is used for export logs and timber at New Zealand ports.

The application

EDN has been identified as a possible substitute following an international review of alternative treatments.

In 2018, 22 percent of all exported logs were treated with methyl bromide. According to the Ministry for Primary Industries, fumigation of logs and timber exports accounts for 92 percent of methyl bromide use in New Zealand.

An EPA Decision-making Committee is considering the EDN application.

Application timeline

The timeline for this application process has been extended to enable additional information to be considered. You can see what’s happened so far, and related documents for this application, on the timeline.

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EPA New Zealand, 29 October 2021
; https://www.epa.govt.nz/public-consultations/in-progress/new-fumigant-for-logs-and-timber/