EU Biocides Regulation 528/2012 – Active Substance(s) Approval(s)

The following active substance(s) have been evaluated under the EU Biocides Regulation 528/2012 (EU BPR):

They will be approved for use in biocidal products placed on the EU market, on 1 October 2016. Biocidal products containing these active substance(s) will therefore need to obtain EU BPR authorisation if they are to remain on the market. All affected companies are reminded that they must apply for UK product authorisation by 1 October 2016in order to keep their biocidal products on the UK market after the active substance approval date, 1 October 2016. Please note if your biocidal product contains more than one active substance the date by which you have to apply for product authorisation will be the date the last active substance in the product is approved. If no application for product authorisation in the UK is made by 1 October 2016 for a biocidal product containing these active substance(s), the biocidal product shall no longer be made available on the UK market after 30 March 2017. Disposal and use of existing stocks of the biocidal product may continue until 1 October 2017. If the biocidal product has approval under the UK Control of Pesticides Regulations (COPR) its approval will be revoked. Guidance for applying for product authorisation in the UK can be found in our EU BPR product authorisation section of the HSE biocides website. Guidance is also available there on the transitional arrangements for existing biocidal products on the UK market including products currently regulated under the COPR, which are effected by the approval of the above active substance(s).

The full Union list of approved biocidal active substances, including links to the approval decisions and assessment reports can be found on the ECHA website.

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