EU, US, Canada take first steps in the development of a global chemicals database


The US, Canada and EU are to embark on a pilot project that will test a system for exchanging data on substances and help inform the potential development of a global database of information on chemicals led by the OECD.

Speaking at Chemical Watch’s Regulatory Summit Europe, held on 26-27 September, Bob Diderich, head of the OECD’s environmental health and safety division, said a pilot project has been agreed between North American countries and the EU that will test how the database and exchange of information could work internationally.

At its ‘core’ will be the EU’s International Uniform Chemical Information Database (Iuclid). Iuclid is an IT system that allows organisations to record, store, maintain and exchange data on intrinsic and hazardous properties of chemicals, co-developed by the OECD and Echa.

Mr Diderich said that Iuclid uses the OECD’s harmonised templates (OHTs), which are standard data formats for reporting information used for the risk assessment of chemicals. These have also been integrated into other countries’ chemicals information systems.

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Chemical Watch, 30-09-22