European Commission kicks off review of cosmetic products Regulation


Inception impact assessment open for comments until 1 November

The European Commission has published the inception impact assessment (IIA) that marks the reopening of the EU cosmetic products Regulation and outlines a raft of potential changes to the law.

The revision sets out to extend the Regulation’s scope to address environmental endpoints for the first time, as part of the actions planned under the chemicals strategy for sustainability.

According to the IIA the law, which currently only covers human health endpoints, should ensure that cosmetics do not contain chemicals that are persistent and bioaccumulative in the environment.

The Commission has previously suggested this could set a precedent for including further environmental endpoints in the future, depending on subsequent changes to the CLP Regulation.

The IIA further floats a ban on endocrine disrupting (EDCs), immunotoxic and neurotoxic chemicals, and those toxic to specific organs.

A full impact assessment of the revision will analyse various options for revising the scope of the Regulation, the IIA says, such as:

extending existing provisions that restrict carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic (CMR) substances to further hazard classes;

bringing the Regulation in line with the essential use concept currently being developed under the chemicals strategy; and

introducing provisions to take account of combination effects.

It also mentions reviewing the definition of a nanomaterial under the cosmetic products Regulation. This could mean aligning it with the new or revised horizontal definition, which the Commission is currently reviewing.

And the EU executive will consider changing the way in which product information, such as on chemical hazards, is provided on cosmetic products. Options include “simplifying certain information” or providing it through digital means – an ongoing discussion that extends beyond cosmetics.

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~sChemical Watch, 6 October 2021