European Commission publishes update to cosmetic products Regulation

The European Commission has published an update to the cosmetic products Regulation relating to the substance biphenyl-2-ol and its salts. The Regulation is amended to state that the use of the substance when referred to as o-phenylphenol and as a preservative should be allowed with a maximum concentration of 0.15 % in leave-on and 0.2 % in rinse-off cosmetic products. In addition, it should be indicated that contact with eyes should be avoided. The use of sodium o-phenylphenate, potassium o-phenylphenate and MEA o-phenylphenate as preservatives should not be permitted. The update is published in the EU’s Official Journal. The Danish EPA recently said that if companies reduce the amount of preservatives used in cosmetics, it could help combat allergic reactions in consumers.

Further information is available at: Official Journal entry

Chemical Watch, 29 November 2018 ;