European Commission sets up plastic expert group on packaging waste statistics


The Commission Decision on establishing an expert group for statistics on plastic packaging waste (SPPW) foresees that a representative of the Eurostat, the statistical office of the EU, will chair it. The expert group will be composed of Member sSates’ authorities responsible for reporting the data under the PPWD. Among other tasks, the group will advise the Commission on the comparability, reliability and exhaustiveness of the statistics on plastic waste generation and recycling and policy and legislative proposals on the harmonisation of statistics in this field. In addition, the group will be responsible for issuing annual opinions on the appropriateness of the data submitted by the Member States for the purposes of the own resource based on non-recycled plastic packaging waste (Council Decision 2020/2053, the so-called “EU plastic tax”; please see frESH Law Horizons July 2020).

Commission expert groups can be set up by a (formal) Commission decision or (informally) by an individual Commission department that has obtained the agreement of the Commissioner and Vice-President responsible, and of the Secretariat-General. They can be composed of public and/or private sector members and provide advice and expertise to the Commission.

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~sThe National Law Review, 10 September 2021