European Parliament Approves Bans of HFCs and HFOs in Multiple Applications and HFC Phase Out by 2050


In an historic vote, the European Parliament adopted an ambitious position on the revision of the EU F-gas Regulation, supporting an HFC phase out by 2050 and multiple bans on fluorinated greenhouse gases (f-gases, both HFCs and HFOs) in applications such as heat pumps and stationary refrigeration.

In particular, in Annex IV – Placing on the market prohibitions on new system – a number of amendments banning f-gases, which were subject to fierce debate among political groups, were adopted.

In addition, the phase out of HFCs by 2050 takes the phase down of 80% to 85% between 2036 and 2047 in the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol to a more ambitious level.

Among 587 voting, 426 were in favor and 109 against with 52 abstentions.

However, the regulation is far from complete. Now the European Parliament will start negotiations with the European Council, which is expected to adopt its general position on the file next week. Following this, the Trialogue between the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council will begin. An agreement is expected to be reached before this summer.

Still, the considerable ambition of the Parliament’s vote today suggests that the final revision of the Regulation will reflect significant changes in the use of refrigerants in the EU, with a major boost to natural refrigerants.

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R744, 30-03-23