Experts warn of pollution from unregulated new-energy battery recycling system


As the amount of waste batteries from new-energy vehicles has reached nearly 200,000 tons in China, experts are warning of environmental pollution and safety issues as large numbers of used power batteries are recycled and processed without any regulation.

According to a report by Xinhua on Monday, the waste power batteries from new-energy cars in China have reached nearly 200,000 tons as of 2020, and the number is expected to reach 750,000 in 2025.

Zhong Shi, an automotive industry analyst, told the Global Times on Tuesday that after an unregulated battery-recycling workshop buys used batteries, “they tend to carry out a rather simple recycling process, discarding useless materials such as electrolyte at will, which could cause serious soil pollution.”

Zhang Zheming, an associate researcher from the Shenzhen Automotive Research Institute, told Xinhua that due to the lack of supervision and standard operation during the recycling process, there might be risks of explosion when disassembling the batteries.

China Power Battery Recycling and Ladder Utilization Union has put a total of 22 Chinese companies on the white list, meaning that they are authorized to recycle and utilize used power batteries as of 2020.

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Global Times, 14 April 2021