Explosives must be approved for use before they can be imported or manufactured in New Zealand.

Most explosives, including fireworks, need an Import Certificate before you can bring them into the country.

All explosives are hazardous substances, and their use in New Zealand is regulated jointly by us and WorkSafe New Zealand.

We manage the approvals for importing and manufacturing explosives, and set and enforce the rules for labelling, packaging and safety datasheets. You can find information below that outlines how to legally import explosives, including fireworks.

WorkSafe New Zealand look after the rules for handling and storing explosives, and also regulate outdoor firework displays.

Find out more about the rules for handling and storing explosives – WorkSafe NZ

See our guidance for importers and manufacturers of explosives (PDF, 474KB)

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EPA New Zealand, 29 October 2021
; https://www.epa.govt.nz/industry-areas/hazardous-substances/guidance-for-importers-and-manufacturers/explosives/