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Notifying exports of PIC chemicals for 2022

HSE, the GB PIC Designated National Authority (DNA), is inviting companies to start submitting notifications for exports of chemicals in the GB PIC List that are expected to take place during 2022.

The GB PIC Regulation requires the first export of a listed chemical in any calendar year to any country to be notified to the DNA at least 35 days before the intended date of export. Export includes the movement of a listed chemical from GB to NI.

Early notification ensures HSE has sufficient time to process notifications and seek the explicit consent of the importing country, where required, or to consider evidence for the granting of a waiver where there is no response to repeated requests for consent.

What you need to do

Export notifications

The GB PIC export notification form is available on HSE’s website, where you can find further informationand supporting guidancefor completing the form. Please send completed forms to ukdna@hse.gov.uk.

To avoid delays in processing export notifications, please include the following details in the subject line of your email:

GB PIC – notification – company name – chemical/mixture – importing country name – 2022

When submitting your export notifications, attach one form and accompanying safety data sheet (SDS) per email. In addition to an SDS in English, please provide an SDS in the official language of the importing country, if available, or in one of its principal languages. If you do not attach an SDS, sections 4 and 5 of the form become mandatory.

Some countries have more than one DNA. To ensure HSE sends your notification to the relevant authority in the destination country, please be as accurate as possible in describing the foreseen use in the importing country (section 3.3 of the export notification form). This will also be helpful to the importing DNA when making decisions on consent, where applicable.

If you are intending to export a number of mixtures containing a chemical in the GB PIC List to the same importing country, where those mixtures differ only, for example, by colour and there are no differences in their classification and labelling or intended use, we can accept a single notification covering several mixtures. Whenever changes in the concentration of PIC chemical(s) in a mixture trigger new labelling requirements, a new notification will be required.

Special RINS

You can also start to submit Special RIN requests for 2022 using the relevant form. Special RINs are required for PIC chemicals exported for the purpose of research or analysis in quantities of 10 kgs or less per exporter, per year and per importing country and so are otherwise exempt from the requirements of the Regulation. A Special RIN is also required where an importing country has waived its right to receive an export notification and has notified a positive import response under the Rotterdam Convention for the chemical being exported.

Please send completed forms to ukdna@hse.gov.ukand include the following details in the subject line of your email:

GB PIC – Special RIN request – company name – chemical/mixture – importing country name – 2022

For exports of PIC chemicals to the EU, each Special RIN covers exports of up to 10kg of the substance for research and analysis purposes to each EU importing country.

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~sHSE, 20 August 2021