The novel Database on Migrating and Extractable Food Contact Chemicals (FCCmigex) systematically maps the scientific evidence of food contact chemicals (FCCs) that have been measured in migrates and extracts of food contact materials and articles. It was compiled by a team of researchers from the Food Packaging Forum together with colleagues from eight academic institutions. The scientists analyzed 1,210 scientific studies that resulted from a systematic literature search and passed a two-phase screening process. In total, the database contains more than 3,000 food contact chemicals and over 22,000 database entries.

All FCCs in the database were investigated either for their presence in food contact materials, or for their propensity to transfer into food under real-world conditions, thus making human exposure to these chemicals highly probable. Importantly, only one third of FCCs that were detected in these studies were previously known to be used in the manufacture of food contact materials. And of all the materials investigated, 60% of the studies were on plastics with 1,976 different chemicals detected.

The FCCmigex database is a product of the ongoing Food Contact Chemicals and Human Health (FCCH) Project led by the Food Packaging Forum. A peer-reviewed, open-access article in the scientific journal Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition provides detailed information about the compilation of the database and summarizes some of the key information. All data are accessible via the interactive tool below.


Food packaging and other food contact articles, such as processing equipment and kitchen utensils, can release chemicals into food. This process of chemical migration causes chronic human exposure to chemicals and can lead to adverse health effects. Until now, human exposure assessment for food contact chemicals (FCCs) has primarily focused on a few dozen chemicals of concern, such as bisphenols, phthalates, mineral oil hydrocarbons, and heavy metals. However, thousands of FCCs are intentionally added during the manufacture of food contact materials and articles and even more FCCs may be present in the final articles.

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The freely available, interactive tool below allows you to use the FCCmigex database in an easily accessible and searchable way. We recommend using the Chrome, Brave, or Edge web browsers when using the tool. The Mozilla Firefox browser sometimes results in display errors.

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Food Packaging Forum, 27-05-22
; https://www.foodpackagingforum.org/fccmigex