FDA allows more vitamin D fortification in cereal and bars


  • The FDA approved increases to the fortification levels of vitamin D in cereal products and grain-based bars in response to a petition filed by Kellogg over three years ago.
  • According to the Federal Register, 560 IU per 100 grams of vitamin D3 is now allowed in cereal products, while 400 IU per 100 grams is permitted in grain-based nutrition bars.
  • As consumers increasingly embrace health and wellness, formulators of foods like cereal are developing ways to increase nutrients to tout their health halos.

CPGs are continuing to look for ways to increase the nutritional aspects of their food products. For Kellogg, adding vitamin D provides a beneficial, sought-after nutrient to products like cereal, which have long been dogged by a perception of unhealthiness. The company last increased vitamin D fortification in its international cereal products in 2018.

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Food Dive, 12-01-23
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