Final Risk Evaluation for Methylene Chloride


In November 2022, EPA released a final revised risk determination for methylene chloride as a whole chemical substance. This revision supersedes the previous condition of use-specific no unreasonable risk determinations in the 2020 methylene chloride risk evaluation (and withdraws the associated order). These chemical-specific changes are in accordance with the path forward for the first 10 risk evaluations under TSCA laid out by EPA in June 2021.

The final revised risk determination does not assume that all workers exposed to methylene chloride are always provided or appropriately wear personal protective equipment (PPE). The consideration of this information will be part of the risk management process.

EPA determined that 52 out of the 53 conditions of use evaluated would drive the determination that methylene chloride presents an unreasonable risk of injury to human health under its conditions of use.

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US EPA, 11-11-22