Forumlation studies and combined risk assessment in ecotoxicology


The Ecotoxicology Team of the Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recently revised their Formulation Guidance document. The previous version was published in 2015 (visit CRD Formulation Guidance document) and since then there have been various developments. As a result of these developments, the Ecotoxicology Team considered it timely to incorporate these developments and to reformat the whole document so that it was more accessible. The overall aim was to consolidate the information required on formulations and the risk assessment for products containing more than one active substance.

Ecotoxicology formulation draft guidance

Key new areas that have been either added or revised are:

Information about chemical analysis in mixed active products (lines 947-1195)

Revision of criteria for combined higher tier drainflow risk assessment – alignment with EFSA aquatic guidance document (2013) (lines 715-899)

Please note that additional information will be added to the next version regarding adjuvants (lines 657-663).

HSE welcome comments on these key sections, however you are more than

welcome to comment on the whole document. In commenting please could you reference the section via page numbers and line numbers.

This consultation will run for eight weeks and will close on 13.12.21.

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~sHSE, 21 October 2021