France: Destruction of unsold non-food items prohibited


From January 1st 2022, unsold non-food items can no longer be destroyed by incineration. The objective for 2022 is to reuse or recycle unsold non-food products and therefore prevent a large part of the millions of unsold non-food items from being destroyed and causing more greenhouse gas emissions.

The particular products concerned by the application of this provision provided for by the law on the fight against waste and the circular economy (Law AGEC) are:

  • Textiles (clothing, shoes, etc.).
  • Ink cartridges.
  • Hygiene and childcare products.
  • Food storage and cooking equipment.
  • Leisure products.
  • Books and school supplies.
  • Electrical and electronic products.

Note: Some of these products, which do not yet benefit from an extended producer responsibility (EPR) recycling channel, have until December 31st 2023 to comply. From December 31, 2023, all products will be affected.

More sources of recent information about the guidance surrounding other goods and the circular economy can be found below:

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For more information about the Changes effective January 1st 2022, consult the Ministry of Ecological Transition website here.

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Eurofins, 8 February 2022