G7: Russia would face ‘severe consequences’ for any use of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons


The Group of Seven (G7) warned in a statement on Friday that Russia would face “severe consequences” if it uses any chemical, biological or nuclear weapons in its war with Ukraine.

The intergovernmental group of the world’s largest democratic economies said that Russia’s threatening rhetoric over using nuclear weapons is “unacceptable.”

It additionally condemned a number of the country’s other actions concerning the conflict and rejected the Kremlin’s claims that Ukraine is planning to launch a dirty bomb, an explosive that spreads radioactive material, against Russia.

The statement says that inspections from the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that Russia’s allegations are baseless.

The group also outlined its positions on a range of other world conflicts, including Iran and North Korea’s nuclear programs and reported Chinese human rights violations in the Xinjiang and Tibet regions.

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The Hill, 04-11-22
; https://thehill.com/policy/international/3720620-g7-russia-would-face-severe-consequences-for-any-use-of-chemical-biological-or-nuclear-weapons/