GB Article 95 List – take action by 31 December 2022


Biocidal active substance and product suppliers included on the EU Article 95 List at the end of the EU exit transition period on 31 December 2020 were automatically added to the GB Article 95 List.

If you wish to remain on the GB Article 95 List after 31 December 2022, you must:

  • resubmit your data or letter of access to HSE; and
  • confirm to HSE that you (or your representative) are established in the UK(Great Britain or Northern Ireland).

If you have already provided your data or letter of access to comply with earlier GB resubmission deadlines, you do not need to submit this again.

Suppliers that fail to complete both actions by 31 December 2022 will be removed from the GB Article 95 List.

IMPORTANT: Biocidal products containing active substances sourced from suppliers that are removed from the list cannot be supplied in GB – product suppliers are advised to check with their active supplier that the necessary actions are being taken

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HSE, 29-07-22