GB PIC: Annual reporting of exports and imports


In the first quarter of each year, exporters and importers of PIC-listed chemicals must report to the DNA details of their exports and imports (together with the exact quantities) which took place during the previous calendar year. Note that this obligation applies to both exports from and imports into GB.

For mixtures and articles, the quantity should refer to the PIC chemical within the mixture/article and not to the mixture/article as a whole.

Quantities must be reported in kg.

Special RIN requests for exports in quantities below 10kg/year and per importing country for purpose of research and development are exempted and do not need to be reported.

The reports can be sent by email to the GB PIC DNA at using the HSE templates.

Template for annual reporting of exports of GB PIC chemicals (.docx)

Template for annual reporting of imports of GB PIC chemicals (.docx)

The deadline is 31 March each year for reporting quantities from the previous year.

Aggregated, anonymised data will be published on HSE’s website.

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HSE, 4 February 2021