Government to charge KRW 300 deposit per disposable cup starting from June 10 of this year


From June 10 of this year, the Korean government will implement a deposit system for drinks sold in disposable cups in cafes and fast-food restaurants. Under the plan, people will have to pay a deposit of 300 KRW per disposable cup.

On January 25, the Ministry of Environment (ME, Minister Han Jeong Ae) made a 40-day legislative notice of amendments to the three sub-statutes* in the field of closed-loop recycling, including the Enforcement Decree of the Act on the Promotion of Saving and Recycling of Resources, containing measures mentioned above.

The revision of the aforementioned sub-statutes aims to reduce waste and their recyclability, and the key contents include:

-The implementation of a deposit system for disposable cups.

-Restrictions on the use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) packaging materials.

-Restrictions on disposable wipes.

-Expansion of paper cartons recycling.

Firstly, the disposable cup deposit system, which will be in effect from June 10 this year, will be imposed onto 38,000 stores nationwide. The plan will be applied to stores with more than 100 branches nationwide. The stores include cafes (Ediya, Starbucks, Twosome Place), confectionery and bakeries (Dunkin’, Paris Baguette, Tous Les Jours), fast food restaurants (Lotteria, Mom’s Touch, McDonald’s, Burger King), ice cream and shaved ice stores (Baskin Robbins, Sulbing), and other beverage stores (Gongcha, Smoothie King, Juicy).

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South Korea Ministry of Environment, 22 January 2022