Guide to categorising internationally assessed introductions


There is a streamlined way to categorise introductions of chemicals that have been assessed overseas.

Who should use this guide?

Use this guide if you are using an international assessment report that we accept. This is extra information to help you follow Step 4.2: Introductions that can be low risk for human health and Step 5.2: Introductions that can be low risk for the environment. in our Categorisation Guide.

If you plan to use your chemical in a similar way to how it’s used overseas, your consideration of the criteria in this guide will most likely be straightforward and quick.

Using international assessments for categorisation

If a trusted overseas body has assessed your introduction and it meets the criteria described in this guide, you are eligible to use the internationally assessed pathway as a low-risk introduction for human health or the environment (or both).

For the full list of trusted overseas bodies that we accept, see Step 1 of Internationally assessed for human health only and Step 1 of Internationally assessed for the environment only.

The information in this guide will help you to work out whether your introduction could be one of the following:

internationally assessed for human health

internationally assessed for the environment

internationally assessed for both human health and the environment

What is ‘internationally assessed for human health only’

If a trusted overseas body has assessed your introduction for human health and you meet all other criteria in this guide related to human health, your indicative risk to human health is low.

You can also use our decision tool to work out if your introduction is low risk for human health.

If there is no assessment for the environment from a trusted overseas body, or there is one but it doesn’t meet all our criteria related to the environment, then you must go back to our categorisation guide and determine the risk to the environment.

If you work out that the indicative environment risk of your introduction is low or very low, you can categorise it as a reported introduction. You need to submit a pre-introduction report in AICIS Business Services and select ‘internationally assessed for human health but not for the environment’.

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