Homemade and prepackaged baby foods both contain toxic heavy metals: study


Nearly all baby foods — both store-bought and homemade — that American parents feed their children contain detectable amounts of toxic heavy metals, a new study has found.

The study, conducted by the Healthy Babies Bright Futures alliance, found that 94 percent of pre-packaged foods marketed for babies and toddlers contain heavy metals like lead and arsenic.

As it turns out, however, the exact same percentage applied to homemade purees and pre-packaged “family food” options geared toward the entire family, the study found.

The new findings build upon a 2019 study conducted by the same group, in which 95 percent of store-bought baby foods tested were contaminated with heavy metals.

This time, the alliance — which includes nonprofit organizations, philanthropies and scientists — set out to determine whether homemade options were, in fact, a superior choice.

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The Hill, 11-08-22
; https://thehill.com/policy/equilibrium-sustainability/3596933-homemade-and-prepackaged-baby-foods-both-contain-toxic-heavy-metals-study/