IEEE SA Working Group: Standard for Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Hazard Labelling


This standard specifies the design of hazard labelling for known and suspected endocrine disrupting chemicals, with example implementations in a range of potential use cases, including labelling of chemicals, labelling of electrical and mechanical components, labelling of consumer products, labelling of food and drug preparations, and hazardous areas. Whether a use case merits or should require the application of this hazard labelling is not within the scope of this standard. This standard also describes a gradation of classes of risk which may be optionally displayed to inform about the particular level of a hazard. However, what substances, quantities, or concentrations may merit a particular risk classification is not within the scope of this standard. This standard is not intended to be applied within the domains of food and pharmaceuticals. However, packaging of food or pharmaceuticals that itself may contain endocrine disrupting chemicals remains in scope.

The next working group meeting is scheduled on 13 January 2023.

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