In future, it will be possible to display the Swan label and the EU Flower in e-invoices


New digital options make it possible for companies to make visible in e-invoices that their products are certified with the Swan label or the EU Flower. In this way, it will also be easier for municipalities and other public institutions to measure environmentally labeled purchases.

The government’s strategy for green public procurement means that suppliers to the public sector will in future experience increasing demands for eco-labelled products in public tenders. This means that several purchases must be certified with the official eco-labels Swan and EU Flower or equivalent.

Therefore, it will now be easier for your company to make environmental labels visible digitally. When you send an e-invoice, you can emphasize that your product is certified with the Nordic Swan label or the EU Flower. All public purchasers will thus use the same standardized list for eco-labels, based on a common code list from GS1. The same will apply to private buyers who use e-invoices via Nemhandel.

“The government has set a target that all public purchases in areas where there are official labeling schemes must be eco-labelled or meet similar requirements in 2030, and many municipalities have already set their own targets for eco-labelled purchases. Therefore, it is very good news that it will now be possible to make the Swan label and the EU flower visible in e-invoices, as it will make it easier to follow up on the objectives and ensure development,” says Martin Fabiansen, director of Ecolabelling Denmark.

Possible to harmonize trade with public and private customers

The standardization of the ecolabel registration enables the alignment of trade with public and private customers. The transaction between you as a supplier and various buyers can thus become more streamlined.

Data about eco-labels in e-invoices is thus an advantage for both public and private purchasers who use e-invoices via Nemhandel, as it provides the purchasers with useful data to measure whether their organization complies with objectives and requirements for the purchase of eco-labelled products.

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Ecolabel, 30-08-22