Information Letter 1089 IFR 49th Amendment 0 3 months extended implementation timline


Dear Colleagues,

Since the notification of the long awaited 49th Amendment with the effective date of January 10, 2020, the current business environment has changed dramatically due to the global pandemic of the SARSCoV-2 virus and the resulting COVID-19 disease. We have received reports about significant impacts on the fragrance industry and on the sustainability of our supply chains, alongside with messages and requests from fragrance houses, consumer good companies as well as two member associations to consider extending the compliance timelines for the IFRA 49th Amendment. Given that this is an unprecedented situation, this topic was brought to the attention of the IFRA Board where it was discussed on March 30, 2020. After careful consideration of the pros and cons of revising the already communicated timelines, the IFRA Board unanimously agreed to grant an additional three months for the implementation of the 49th Amendment as detailed in the time chart next page. We hope that this additional time will help our members and stakeholders to manage the implementation of what we consider a milestone achievement in the history of the IFRA Standards in these critical times. If you have any further questions, please contact Matthias Vey ( at IFRA.

Best regards, IFRA

IFRA, 2 April 2020