Is Water Management The Next Priority For Europe And The Chemical Industry?


In summer 2022, Europe experienced its most severe drought in 500 years. In addition to affecting many communities across Europe, the drought and water scarcity had consequences for the manufacturing sector as well, including the chemical industry.

This is why Cefic together with France Chimie organised a dedicated workshop to discuss how the chemical industry could deal with water scarcity and raise awareness on other water related challenges for the sector.

“We see the impact of droughts directly on the chemical industry’s activities, for instance on our ability to transport”, said Cefic’s Director General Marco Mensink. In Europe, inland waterway plays an important role for the transport of goods. Marie Zimmer, Head of Responsible Care / Corporate Social Responsibility at France Chimie, added that “water has become an issue of industrial and environmental performance. We need to support companies to tackle water scarcity and further improve their water management , so the industrial sites can better defend themselves in case of crisis”.

Water scarcity is an emergency of our times, especially due to the interplay between climate change, increasing fluctuations in water availability, and the higher energy, food, digital and industrial transition needs. According to the European Environmental Agency (EEA), every year, 40% of European population is either permanently or seasonally affected by water scarcity.

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CEFIC, 17-01-23