It’s time for Congress to ban toxic ‘forever chemicals’ from food packaging


The next time you order takeout at a favorite restaurant, there is a decent chance it will include a side order of toxic forever chemicals. That’s because many popular chain restaurants wrap their food in packaging made with PFAS, a dangerous class of chemicals that have been linked to an increased risk for some cancers, lower birth weight and immune system suppression.

PFAS are sometimes called “forever chemicals” because they are resistant to breaking down naturally in the environment, and can remain in people’s bodies for years. In fact, a recent peer-reviewed study by Toxic Free Future and the University of Washington found PFAS in every sample of breast-milk from fifty mothers in the Seattle area.

Unfortunately, PFAS from food wrappers contaminates water in the communities where it is produced, can seep into the food we eat, and pollute soil and water when packaging is disposed of in a landfill. While the packaging may be used once, the chemicals can last forever in the environment and make their way into our bodies.

Over the past few years, Toxic-Free Future conducted several studies on PFAS in food packaging and led a campaign to convince chain restaurants and grocery stores to stop using packaging made with PFAS that has won commitments from more than twenty corporations to phase out their use.

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Food Safety News, 11-05-22