K-REACH: 340 PECs Joint Registration Approved

Updated on 23rd October 2018, the joint registration dossiers of 341 priority existing chemicals (PECs) under K-REACH have been submitted to the authority. 340 of them have been approved and issued with registration number. The remaining one application is still under review. The whole list of 341 PECs is accessible here. The grace period for registering PECs (in total 510 PECs) ended on 30 June 2018. The rest of the PECs that haven’t been registered before the deadline will be subject to a ban preventing all manufacturing and importing until the registration is completed. The revised K-REACH legislation will come into force on 1 January 2019, which sets out a plan of registering existing substances over 1 ton per year in the next 12 years. Pre-registration before 30 June 2019 is necessary to obtain the phase-in registration grace period. However, for the 510 PECs, they are not eligible to do pre-registration to get a grace period for full registration. They should be registered without any delay.

Chemlinked, 6 November 2018 ; http://chemlinked.com/en/news