Korean MoE Proposes Changes to K-REACH’s Ministerial Decree

On 20 April 2016, the Ministry of Environment (MoE) issued a revised draft of the Ministerial Decree (Enforcement Rules) of the Act on Registration and Evaluation of Chemical Substances (K-REACH) by MoE Notice No.2016-348. The commenting period will close on 30 May. Main revisions are summarised as below:

  • Delete Article 2 in terms of support to SMEs (instead Article 42-2 was added to K-REACH to include such provisions);
  • Delete Article 27 in terms of revocation of approval of the use of results of hazard evaluation (instead Article 19 Paragraph 3 of K-REACH was revised to include such provisions).

The last revision of the Ministerial Decree was introduced on 30 Oct, through which the requirement for registration exemption application for a reagent used for scientific study, analysis or research was changed from once every year to the first time only. In the recent proposal, the MoE further specified that if the registration exemption application satisfies the exemption criteria it can be submitted within 14 days after manufacture or importation. K-REACH was revised on 27 Jan 2016 and the updates will be effective one year later on 28 Jan 2017. To corporate with K-REACH’s revisions, the Presidential Decree was also revised and is currently under consultation until the end of May. For any comments on the draft revisions of K-REACH’s Ministerial Decree and Presidential Decree, please contact the authority via email: lovesend7@korea.kr

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