MPS Published Catalogue of Chemicals that Can Be Used in Explosives

On 31 May, Chinese Ministry of Public Security (MPS) published on its website the latest version of the Catalogue of Chemicals That Can Be Used in Explosives. The Catalogue contains 74 chemicals, 10 more than the last version published in 2011, including acids, nitrates, chlorates, perchlorates, dichromates, peroxides, hyperoxides, reductive metals and chemicals, nitro-compounds, and some other chemicals. The CAS numbers and physical hazards related to explosiveness and flammability are provided. The inorganic salts include both their hydrate forms and non-hydrate forms. Chinese State Council Decree 591 is the overarching legislation of the management on the hazardous chemicals in China. Article 23 of the Decree 591 stipulates the obligations of enterprises for chemicals that can be used in explosives, including the manufacture, storage, use and safety precautions. MPS also published specific measures on the storage safety, use safety and emergency treatment of the chemicals that can be used in explosives. Enterprises that manufacture, store, use and sell these chemicals should update their checklist and be aware of their obligations.

Chemlinked, 6 June 2017 ; ;