National Standard for Environmental Risk Management of Industrial Chemicals

Environment Ministers from the Commonwealth and all states and territories of Australia met in July 2015 and have agreed to establish a National Standard for the environmental risk management of industrial chemicals. The National Standard will streamline regulation of industrial chemicals, enabling a more consistent, efficient and effective approach to environmental risk management of industrial chemicals across all jurisdictions. The Standard will be established by the Commonwealth and implemented by each state and territory. This is in accordance with the preferred option outlined in the Decision Regulation Impact Statement (DRIS), which was considered by Ministers. The Commonwealth and state and territory governments are seeking to engage industry and the community to assist with the design and development of the Standard. Interested stakeholders will have a number of opportunities to contribute to this initiative, by providing feedback on a series of papers that will be released publicly for comment. The National Standard Information Paper The Australian Government Department of the Environment is releasing an Information Paper on the implementation pathway for the National Standard. The primary purpose of this paper is to outline the key steps involved in the implementation of the National Standard, including opportunities for consultation and input into the detailed design and intended operation of the National Standard. This document recaps the context of the reforms to environmental risk management of industrial chemicals, including the reform parameters agreed to by Australia’s Environment Ministers. The paper also provides an overview of the proposed design and scheduling and decision-making processes under the National Standard, in accordance with the policy intent set out in the DRIS. As part of this, the paper invites preliminary feedback from industry and community representatives in response to a small number of questions posed which will help inform subsequent stages of the detailed design of the Standard and noting that further and more substantive consultation will be undertaken during 2016. A copy of the information paper is available at: National Standard information paper (PDF – 2.26 MB) ~sDepartment of Environment, December 2015 ;