New active substances: Public consultation


HSE has received a dossier from BASF Agro B.V for the following active substance/uses:

Cinmethylin (BAS 684 H) is a new herbicidal active substance for controlling the growth of annual grasses and several broadleaf weed species in cereals.

The dossier is for the first approval of this substance in Great Britain (GB) under retained Regulation 1107/2009; the assessment was performed by the Chemicals Regulation Division of HSE.

Any interested third parties are strongly invited to comment on the content and conclusions of the Draft Assessment Report (DAR) or share any relevant information. Comments can be submitted by any member of the public or interested party.

Consultation details can be viewed here.

The deadline for comment is 19 July 2021

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HSE e-Bulletin, 24 May 2021