New! AICIS risk-management recommendations register


Our risk-management recommendations register is now available.

About the register and what will it will tell you

The register is a list of risk-management recommendations we’ve made about chemicals that we’ve assessed or evaluated.

Our assessments and evaluations:

  • look at the potential risks to human health and the environment associated with the introduction (importation and manufacture) and use of industrial chemicals
  • can include recommendations on proposed means for managing any risks we’ve identified

After we publish our assessments and evaluations, we refer our risk-management recommendations to the relevant ‘prescribed body/bodies’.

Prescribed bodies include Australian standard-setting bodies and/or states and territories risk-management agencies.

The register is part of our commitment to give industry, workers, the community and all stakeholders timely and easily accessible information about:

  • recommendations we’ve made
  • to whom we referred them
  • the status of our recommendations

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Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme, 25-11-22