New Australian vaping research finds ‘suite of chemicals’ in liquids used in vapes, some at ‘dangerously high’ levels


They are flavoured, colourful and popular with teenagers, but new Australian research is discovering mounting evidence that vapes are also unsafe to use.

Curtin University respiratory physiologist Alexander Larcombe studied 65 common liquids used in vapes from local suppliers that are available in Australia.

Dr Larcombe said the results showed that many vapes contained carcinogenic and other harmful ingredients.

The study is the extension of a 2019 study published by the same researchers that looked at 10 vape ingredients. It is the most comprehensive study of products available in Australia to date.

It is estimated that more than 200,000 Australians use vapes, however, those using them with nicotine must have a prescription from a doctor.

Until recently, nicotine-free flavours were far more easily available online and from tobacconists.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has recently cracked down on imports but can only regulate those with nicotine and imports of officially banned flavours, and there are far fewer regulations around the manufacture and supply of flavours alone within Australia.

Read More~sABC News, 11 October 2021