New regulation on household e-waste


A NEW regulation on household electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) (pic) will be introduced to implement the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for e-waste, according to the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP) document released Monday.

EPR is a policy approach where producers are held responsible for the treatment and disposal of post-consumer products, either through self-undertaking or financial contribution.

The document stated that assigning such responsibility will incentivise producers to reduce waste at the source and promote the production of environment-friendly products.


The EPR approach will also be extended to cover other types and streams of waste, particularly packaging materials and single-use plastics, the document said.

“Relevant regulations, economic instruments and monitoring mechanisms will be put in place to enable producers and retailers to implement the EPR for other types of waste. 

 “Implementation of EPR will be supported through the take-back system by producers or brand owners as well as the adoption of the user-pay and polluter-pay principles,” the document said.

In moving towards zero-waste, the document noted that solid waste management would also be strengthened to ensure compliance with existing standards, in which the enforcement of waste separation at source and the implementation of the 3R initiatives would be intensified. 

For this purpose, the provision of waste collection, separation and recycling facilities will be increased.

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Daily Express, 28 September 2021