New regulations on toy safety to enter into force by end of January


These standards will enter into force by the end of January. 

Starting in 2021, manufacturers will be required to attach safety instructions to toys in Georgian. If the toy placed on the market does not comply with the relevant requirements of the law, the manufacturer must immediately remove or recall the product.

Standards will be implemented for toys meant for children under 14 years of age.

The special safety requirements for toys are as follows:

Toy parts must not be of such a size so as to be able to cause asphyxia and make their way into the respiratory tract. 

A toy that is placed or mixed with food must be packed; the packing must be of such a size so as to avoid the risk of swallowing both the food item and the toy.

The toy must be designed in such a way so that the maximum and minimum temperatures of available surface should not cause damage when touched.

Toys for children under three years of age should be designed and manufactured in such a way so as to be easily cleaned. 

The regulations do not apply to New Year decorations, fireworks, skateboards, scooters, or scientific equipment designed for use by an adult instructor.

Agenda GE