New statutory process in place for status of substance determination

The new statutory process for finding out if a hazardous substance is already approved for import or manufacture in New Zealand has been in place since 1 July 2016. The process gives a statutory determination that is formal, legally binding and will be notified. It has been brought in under the Government’s simplification of the regime for managing hazardous substances and provides certainty about a substance’s status and HSNO classification, and whether it matches an existing approval. It will make it easier for people to be sure they are complying with the HSNO Act. It can take up to a week to review an application before it can be formally received and then fully assessed. If we need more information, we will place your application on hold (ie the processing clock will stop) until the information requested is provided. The service costs $1,150 (incl GST). Further information is available on the EPA website.

NZ EPA Hazardous Substance Bulletin, July 2016 ; ;